What We Provide

The Office of Copyright is attached to the Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center and is intended to be the central resource for all matters concerning copyright. The Office provides the following services:

  • Answer questions regarding the Nova Southeastern University Copyright policies and procedures;
  • Provide resources on general questions regarding copyrights;
  • Provide advice on specific questions regarding the use of copyrighted materials;
  • Assist faculty with determination of fair use, and understanding the requirements of the TEACH Act with regards to electronic repositories and distance education;
  • Provide web-based and live instruction on copyright issues;
  • Review center and department procedures for copyright compliance;
  • Advise graduate and undergraduate students with respect to copyright issues;
  • Assist in the determination of whether a work is protected by copyright;
  • Assist in obtaining permissions and licenses to use copyrighted works;
  • Educate the University community on the availability and uses of material in the public domain or which are available by a Creative Commons license;
  • Provide information on the newest developments in copyright law and practice.